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9th February 2018

SMETS 2 Training - Learn More

Utilities Academy now offering SMETS 2 Training

We have industry leading experts at Utilities Academy, and we are pleased to announce we are now offering SMETS 2 training, this year all meter operators will be required to fit SMETS 2 communication hubs and compatible meters, upskill your workforce with Utilities Academy.

Currently, SMETS 1 Smart Meters are fitted across the U.K, the Smart functionality of SMETS 1 meters will only work with energy providers who can support SMETS 1 technology, this can cause interoperability issues if a customer has a SMETS 1 meter and decides to change energy supplier. This can impact customers negatively as they can end up losing smart functionality e.g meter readings being sent automatically to the supplier. It has been mandated that this year SMETS 2 meters must start being fitted in customers homes, this allows customers to move suppliers and not lose any smart features or have to have their meter changed again as all smart communications are centralised through the DCC.

Utilities Academy is now offering SMETS 2 training for all areas across the U.K, you can upskill your field workforce with us, allowing your engineers to fit the new mandated technology.

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