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Purpose built Smart Meter training facilities

Offering comprehensive and certified smart meter training in the UK

After months of working alongside several utility companies who actively install smart meters, the bespoke training centre was built in line with industry requirements and to address the needs of the smart meter roll-out.  

At Utilities Academy we train engineers to do the job properly not just pass a qualification. This is why the academy has a variety of real world scenarios and situations throughout the facility that engineers are likely to come across on a daily basis. 

The training centre consists of a: 

- Power workshop, simulation room and classroom

- Gas workshop bays and practical area, and classroom

- Dual fuel up-skilling workshop, simulation room and classroom 

- 2 ACS assessment rooms

- Dual Fuel assessment room (also known as ‘The Pit’!)

Welcome to the Utilities Academy!

Purpose built Smart Meter training facility

Our first facility in Cleckheaton was an empty unit – the perfect blank slate to establish our vision for a world class training facility. Purpose built to take new entrants and equip them with all the skills and knowledge needed to become a Smart Meter installer.

Onsite parking and catering facilities compliment our main building so you can focus on your day with our training team.

Comfortable, friendly surroundings

Relax in our refectory area getting to know the team and fellow students

Full of natural light, there’s plenty of room to get to know your fellow students and relax between training sessions. Mounted displays on the wall keep you up to date on the industry and share helpful tips and reminders for some of the core course material and schedule.

Power training bays

Dedicated 1:1 live examples

Learn about and complete typical Power installations with varied and dedicated training bays. With plenty of space for you to work and facilitators to assess, you can learn comfortably and safely.

Single and multi-phase scenarios are represented with a variety of components you are likely to encounter during a routine day as a Smart Meter engineer.


Bright and lively learning environments, with state of the art technology

Our classrooms are situated right alongside our training bays so you can quickly apply what you learn. Tutors are experienced engineers themselves and know how to keep the learning experience engaging and relevant. Interactive learning materials and video content allow us to continue associated learning in the classroom with relevant technologies available and in continuous development.

Gas training and assessment

The associated learning experience continues for Gas training

We’ve built entire kitchens and living rooms to provide real world training scenarios. Homeowner appliances and challenging meter locations may get in the way and need to be carefully addressed before completing a Smart Meter exchange.

We gathered information from industry partners and experienced engineers to make sure you’re ready for what you’ll find at real homes.

Open Days

We welcome you to attend one of our all access Open Days

Come and meet the team and explore our facilities. Following a group presentation and tour you’ll also have the opportunity to spend 1:1 time with our team to understand more about the Smart Meter installer opportunity and if it’s right for you.

Take the virtual tour

Scenario driven training

Associated learning grounded in reality

The simulation rooms in the centre have been designed to prepare our students for life in the real world. You’ll be presented with real life scenarios engineers face every day and given the skills needed to master them. This associated learning keeps everything practical and helps build confidence for when you’re out on the road attending real customers. Paired with our comprehensive courses and experienced training team, you’ll be ready for the most challenging installs.

Real life scenario based training is the way forward and no one does that better than the Utilities Academy.

— Gareth Openshaw, Trojan Utilities

Innovative technology for learning

Digital course materials and paperless portfolio

The focus is to continuously improve our training, we are currently developing the curriculum to implement the latest technology. With real time assessment and training feedback available we can operate over multiple centres without compromising on quality.

Leveraging new and emerging technologies, we seek to revolutionise the learning experience – for students, tutors and assessors.

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